Is your child  struggling with fluency and comprehension?  Has he or she been diagnosed with a reading disability/dyslexia.

Michelle Nauenberg, our Head of School, offers one on one tutoring  for children, at Mesorah Montessori, that are struggling to learn to read   She specializes in helping children become fluent readers using Montessori methodology and her Orton Gillingham training and materials to support the classroom teachers and work with children individually.  Mrs. Nauenberg is  Orton-Gillingham trained and has almost 20 years of teaching experience in Primary( 3 years 6 years) and

Montessori Elementary (6 years - 12 years) Classrooms.


Probably not what you think

Dyslexia is often referred to by many to be a learning disability or disorder but it is really a difference in how a person processes. There is nothing “wrong” with a dyslexic brain. In fact, because the brain is functioning differently, there are many strengths that accompany dyslexia.


The differences in how someone with dyslexia processes can negatively affect one or more academic areas such as reading, writing, spelling, math, listening, and focus. Often misunderstood, dyslexia is not caused by simply reversing the order of letters in reading or by a visual perceptual problem that causes a person to read letters or words backwards or upside down. It runs deeper than that, because dyslexia is a neurological or brain-based condition, meaning it affects more than just one system in the brain.

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